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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, October 31, 2003

my favorite answer to justify my behavior is, "i gotta be me"

cuz it's fuckin true.

i'm weird, dark, and complicated. but isn't that close enough to tall, dark, and handsome?

the bottom line is, i know i'm cream on it's way back to the top. there's no shame in falling on hard times, it's how you rebound that is important.

i'm head hunting, and you're skull is next in line for the chopping block. to climb the ladder of success you gotta step on everyone else all the way to the top.

i KNOW that's true. and it's really up to me to decide if i want to get stepped on, or be the stepper...

it's like how i drive on the freeway. me and some other dude are flying down the 405 at Mach ten, and everyone else is just an obstacle in our way. you gotta blaze your own trail, or suffer the life of the drone sheep people.

those people aren't thinkers. they like people to think for them. they wanna just show up somewhere, turn their brain off while they collect their fees for their tedious tasks, that a monkey can be trained to do.

ya know how i know i'm gonna be rich one day? cuz i'm ruthless, risky, and it's in my blood to be able to stab someone in the back so i can take the opportunity that they would have gotten.

i've had people work under me countless times. i get a cheap thrill out of bossing them around. if you work for me, you fucking WORK. my favorite answer to someone working for me complaining is, "want me to just pay you for the time you've done, and i'll replace you?"

that shuts them up quick like.

everything in life is political. so vote for yourself.

you love this shit

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