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Thursday, October 02, 2003

i swear i'm the laziest sunda'bitch ever

i mean getting dressed just means wearing clothes. and wearing clothes means having clean clothes. and having clean clothes means washing dirty clothes. and so on and so forth... that's a lot of work man.

why not just say fuck clothes. boxers are all the clothes you need.

now i know what you're thinking... "where on earth, anti, will you put your car keys, cell phone, wallet, cigarettes, lighter, zig zags, palm pilot, and poket watch?"

i got two words for you... ela - stic.

yep that little waist band on a pair of boxers straight up from target can take a lickin' and keep on... umm... elasticing. or whatever.

job interviews could pose as a potential problemo, i mean, who's gonna hire a dude in his chonies?

so obviously you have to get hired by blind people. that's like, duhhhh....

or maybe this can be used as a way to get rid of an anoyying job. like babysitting...

and i totally would, just rock my drawls... but my john thomas would prolly make a cameo, and i'd get popped by the man.

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