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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

i like the terminator. it's one of my favorite movies.

in terminator 2 john connor stole money from an ATM machine using a speak and spell, and then plays atari's missle command. it's now become my favoritest game ever.

when people talk about if there'll be a T4... and i think they're retarded. that's like weekend at bernie's part III.

so i just cleared a $750 debt with a $300 fridge.... NICE! but my cell phone bill was over (no lies) $1,500. i think that shit needs a new plan.

or maybe i need to pay the bill more frequent than every annual quarter.

does anyone remember pong being THIS hard? pong sucks. missle command only.

i have work this weekend and have literally four dollars to my name. that won't cut it. i'm fucked fucked fucked....

i need to either borrow gas-money from everyone that owes me a favor... or siphon gas outta some shmoes car.

or another way to put it... lock up your gas caps.

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