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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

hotel life ain't so bad, man...

there's always some sorta scam that can be pulled, or shit to steal, or people to harrass. whatever.

this last time in the ameri-suites, i opened the swuite doors, and found that our neighbor was a vacant suite, and the door wasn't shut all the way, so we had TWO rooms instantly. we dead bolted the door to the new room, put a chair wedged up against it, and now it was time to go looting.

towels, pillows, am/fm radio alarm clock, iron and ironing board, ect ect. not to mention a new smoking room, and a solution to the ever popular, "hurry up taking your shit, i need to piss like a race horse"... because two bathrooms are better than one.

the night that pic was taken, we went out to some AZ shithole pick up bar, where i got tanked off shots of 151, and my homies got cock blocked by arizona's most sex starved lames.

arizona still blow goats. but i like hotels.

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