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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, October 06, 2003

fear factor is totally ridiculous.

in the picture the stunt is to jump from one car hood to the other car hood, dangling sky high from ropes, and while they spray you with a hose. totall genius.

the next stunt was to be handcuffed in a locked-coffin filled with roaches. and not just roaches... like... BIG ass satan beetles from madagascar. or whatever.

and like, you tell yourself you wouldn't do it...
you wouldn't drink camel semen, eat african cave dwelling spiders, wrestle a lion, do a triple back flip off the golden gate bridge, or even tight rope across niagara falls...

but then you see some total dipshit actually win $50,000... and well...

nahhhh fuck it... i'll just take it easy and go on the wheel of fortune. or like.... hollywood squares.

"i'll take... gine lee nolan to block..."

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