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Monday, October 20, 2003

dear kelkel,

i'm out of food again. just a jar of apple sauce to my name. but it's all good, i love apple sauce.

i just got back fromi phoenix today... about 1 in the morning. this dude i know from there always said it didn't suck quite as bad over by the college, in tempe or whatever. and that's where we were this time, and it was less shitty. but only slightly.

anyways, it was nice to get home. right now, i'm waiting for the weed guy to deliver... he said an hour... ugh...

i guess i'll take a shower and dust off that apple sauce. and hope it takes me long enough, so that i don't have to get desperate and scrape the pipes for resin.

i mean that's so lame.

well, i just wanted to say hi. i'll let you go now, seeing as you are prolly busy anyways.

k... bye.

3rdleg + trevor + stupid evil bastard

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