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Thursday, October 09, 2003

cell phones... i could write volumes on what fucking sucks about cell phones.

i'm SO pissed.

"can you hear me now?" fuck you.
"my phone is about to die..."
fuck you

"hold on... i'm at the drive thru place-an-order speaker box machine thing"
fuck you

"i was bored and just wanted to call you"
fuck you

"i think i have the wrong number, is this premiere video?"
wtf?! fuck you

voice mails in general...
fuck you

roaming fees...
fuck you

blocked caller ID people...
fuck you

ear piece using people...
fuck you

to everyone with a fucking ridiculously annoying sing-songy ring tone
fuck you

flip phones
fuck you

talking like your trying to drown out the sound of a million jack hammers
fuck you

pre pay people who need to re-up their minutes
fuck you

when you're in arizona and you let some person use your phone, and cuz it's all hot and stuff, they hand it back sweaty and gross.
fuck you

tiny buttons
fuck you

"your current cingular wireless balance is fifteen hundred dollars"
ffffffffuck you.
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