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Sunday, September 28, 2003

there's something about the can.

i don't know what it is, man. but like when i run out of beer, like last night, and resort to drinking shots of whatever's clever, i wake up to find myself on the bathroom floor.

i think it's because i take enough shots to make me sick.

why is it so hard to barf sometimes? you lay on your bed soaked in sweat, the room starts spinning, and your stomach feels like there's a mariachi band in there jamming on some la bamba shit or something... so you run to the bathroom in hopes of being able to say, "elvis has left the building," and can't barf.

toilets are like barf-kryptonite

and you're afraid to go too far from the toilet because there's still mariachi band member guys la bamba-ing their hearts out in your stomach.

"is that ice cold vinyl flooring in this bathroom?"

yes it is, and yes it was. it feels good on your drunken red face.

i beleive these are the contributing factors to why i find myself in such situations. and why you do sometimes too. i sure as fuck can't remember for reals so whatever.

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