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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

new pics in my yahoo pics on the right there

i swear i'm not always this retarded.

but i just broke my bunny ears for my tv and was all pissed, when i plugged in the cable wire coming in, and learned it's hooked up to a huge ass attenna on the roof.

so now instead of only getting a fuzzy ass chanel 4... i get 2 thru 13.

now i'm like "fuck cable, cuz i don't even care about tv enough to bother. i was only gonna do it to get internet too.

now i'll just get a hard-line phone and whip out the dsl.

bought a bed too, man. the wrong size mattress for my existing boxspring and bedframe. but fuck it, being a stoner has it's obvious drawbacks, like memory loss. and queen sized is cooler than full any day of the week.

it's out of control how an apartment can go from "feels kinda lame" to "feels like home" by just adding stuff. a couch and a tv was too minimalist, i know this now.

i even almost bought a fern...

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