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Monday, September 15, 2003

i need a skateboard.

i don't have one anymore, and i'm very sad about that.

to my old, 7 ply, powell peralta, mike mcgill, long version... with alva wheels, german bearings, and independant trucks...
i miss you, pal.

you can never even get a board like that again. maybe you could get the deck... but they don't make griptape that wide anymore. they definitely don't make german bearings anymore. and those wheels... well, they don't make any of the things that that board had.

and i hate long boards like sector 9's... they're too
too... um...
too surfer.

if i had my old board, which was of MANY things lost during my canadian adventures, i'd book it outside and straight up ROLL. maybe bomb some hills. and basically just appreciate the fuck out of my useless wooden toy for all the happiness it brings me.

wishing i had money for this and/or this

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