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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

i don't know about you guys but

i've totally been lame and a homebody lately.

no, i have not cut back on the drinking and bong hitting... those are staples to my diet. but i have not gone out and partied up really at all.

sure sure, money has been tight. and i can't really afford to go out. but that never stopped me before.

it's a new era for me i spose. i'm not down with weekend-warrior-frat-party-going-meat-market-retards getting all testosteroney all over the place. i'm not down with waiting in line for a drink at the bar for 20 minutes. or places that actually have lines for the MEN'S room.

over priced drinks, steap cover charges, pushy incompetent valet guys waving their darth vador "park here please" light sword thingy at you, crooked cab driver guys, AND your wallet hemorrhaging money faster than richie rich during his first time at the tittie bar.

and shit man... i can't wait till i am bucks up again.

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