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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Gin and Tonic.

it's funny how hard times are no big deal after enough gin.

funny like wierd, not funny like "haha".

fuckin anyways...
for me it's so hard NOT to rob places. like how easy is that? just cruise in to the right place with a gun, and walk with a few thousand bucks.

i wouldn't make it a career... just more like a hobby.

7-11's, circle k's, quickie mart's, am-pm's...

or what about straight up robbing people? like rich dudes on the way to their car from the mall.

or home invasion robberies...

it makes me wish i wasn't so lazy. fucking-A.... i'm a WOP, crime runs in my family.

my dad is a crook, i have crook cousins, crook aunts and uncles.
even my sisters done time.

to hell with it... i know i'm too damn stoned all day to not fuck it all up and get caught.

but it looks so easy in the movies...

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