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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

dont let anyone tell you that dreams come true. because if they did. i'll tell you right now, they lied to you.

let go of your dreams....
let go of your dreams....
let go of your dreams....
and don't hold on, for they won't come true.

this is fantasy, i wanna see, your arms open
i'll run to you.
cuz i want to. stand in front of crowds
and say check 1 to you

ask why because it's my life and yeah oh so it's kinda fun too.
ment ill... not accidental i ment to do it of coarse

well it's the good and hard times
even the writer block rhymes
it will all work out in the end
is what i heard
thru the grape vine.

but i might mind, till i go crazy, and have to write all about
the strange things that ran thru my mind
at night. and then excite
but that's ok i'd rather refuse it than have to deal with the world
do to much and at once and all over i have hurled
up my stress, frustrations and all that good stuff.
i was wondering not pludering if you've had enough tuff

i'm not caring why that dickhead over there is staring
cuz while he stares glaring my life i am preparing
and with you i'm sharing just a little piece of my mind
i dug deep in my skull, but i wasn't that hard to find

but it's hard to find the wuestions that are at hand
why does life demand to give the upper hand to the rich man
but not the white man, not the black man, not even jazz hands
"oh uhh, are you done with that? can i wrap that up in a sran?"

hold on to your dreams...
hold on to your dreams...
hold on to your dreams...
and don't let nobody tell you to let go.

i had a dream last night, the world would soon be mine.
i awoke the next morning to find
that it wasn't all in my mind

like a child who's got his own, i felt as if the gods have blessed me,
and all the troubles i had before
was only a tempt to test me.

but let me, be really candid with my feelings
i don't like material things, although they may be appealing.
to the eye, mind, optical nerve was larger than my wallet size

thus... i use my power to analyze
the life cycle, to make my night and day dreams come true
as i wish upon a star or two
this state of mind will turn from blue,
to happy days, i praise those who learned me more than face value

the underlying spyings that the autoblack knows exactly how you feel
i reached the mountain top and i don't plan to return yet.
i have seen the summer sun set so softly in the serene scenery.
can it be? my hopes an aspirations come real.

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