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Thursday, September 25, 2003

because i think stories about confrontations i've had are so totally awesome, here's another one i won.

this was years ago when i was still friends with people i have long since cut out of the picture. and my at-the-time-best-friend-who-ended-getting-cutting-as-well had this girlfriend. and for some reason, i hated the shit out of this chick. she would get under my skin like no else, and snide remarks in her direction was like all i could do to not kill myself.

this chick and i had a mutual friend, and she had given this friend an old glass bong of hers. and the girl she gave the bong to put ice in it this one time (because icey BT's are the kindest), and it got a hole punched through the bubble part of the bong, ona count of the ice being like little rocks floating in there, and was deemed broken.

and i knew that our other mutual friend had access to all the right shit to fix it. patch that shit right up, and FIX the durned bong. i then recieve permission to take the BROKEN USELESS bong, and attepmt to make it useful once again.

this is where the drama begins.

i got off work about 1:30am and walked into the house of the guy who was gonna fix the shit, and that chick, the one who's bong it bleong to originally and who GAVE IT AWAY, starts bitching at me saying,
"what the fuck are you doing taking my shit around town to people's houses?!"

now two things must be made clear.
1. she did not own this bong anymore.
2. two words... BRO and KEN.

and i'll throw in 3. ...bitch!

so her and i start bickering. she's drunk, i just off work late and was mad for being sober, the perfect environment for lack of anger management.

one thing led to another. the fight esculated. and before long i was saying,

i thought about it and realized, if i was ever gonna tell her how i REALLY feel, now was that time, and so i corrected myself.


everyone at the kickback shutup, looked at me double fisting the middle finger in her face, looked at her, and then looked down.

i was PISSED man. pissed enough to key her car. or spit on her. my alleged best friend put up his dukes like he wanted to punch me int he face, and i taunted his punk ass.
"c'mon, do it, i dare you, do IT"

he didn't... HAHAHHAH. faggggggggg...

anyways, after that i boned out, and had one of her best friends on the way to get done anti style. and it took years and their eventual break up for me and that one chick to become cool with eachother. wierd.

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