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Monday, August 04, 2003

yes this is the glamorous sign job in all it's glory. if you knew how much it paid, you'd be hammering away too. so don't talk shit.

i talked with my cousins today... the COOL ones. the pot smoking, pill popping, booze swallowing ones. not the bible toting wierdo ones.

and man, i missed them.

the coconuts are sunburned, and man, they look crispy.

i need to get over my hate for the beach. my farmers tan has lost it's charm. i'd be crispy looking too, and on my way to a decent non-farmers tan.

but man, the beach is soooo..... ummm.... SANDY. and hot. and the water, no matter how much the local surf losers tell you, is always freezing balls. plus the sun causes cancer. as an avid cigarette smoker, i think i need to keep my cancerous contributors to a minimum.

people don't understand it, my hate for the beach. but neither do i.

i think it's my hate for surfers, and everything surf. non-californians say i sound like a surfer, and dude, like, wtf? but i guess i do. my accents not as bad as like spicole, but fuckit, whitey's IS. hHAHAHAHaa.

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