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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

sup suckas? so i was gonna get a weekend off from arizona and now they want to send me there AGAIN. the phrase, "fuckkkkk nooooo..." comes to mind. and listen to this... i'm gonna have to leave thursday at 4am to get there by 10am, and this time i'll be all alone. no helper guys, no fellow sign job dudes to party with. just me and the red roof inn, and my big 4-0. so far since i got my new apartment i've spent more time in arizona hotel rooms. but at least that way i get to watch cable, and like have a maid.

i swear i am so good at making people hate me. here's a recent email...

Subject: ...

Look dude, I'm sorry I'm emailing you this, but I don't have your phone
number. I am extremly pissed with you right now. And I'm not kidding. I
have to be up in about 4 hours, so I can leave the house at 7:45am and
come home until atleast 11:30pm. Why couldn't you have left me a
on my machine earlier? Why couldn't you have said something before
while I
was at work? What the fuck? I'm already really tired, and I was
sleeping. Now I'm TOTALLY awake. So get a pen, and write this down:
***-****. That is *-----'S* number. I don't sell this shit dude. And if
want to score at 2am, you call him. But I garantee he'll be ALOT more
pissed than I am now. And I'm pretty fuckin pissed.

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