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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, August 18, 2003

so it's finally judgement day.

i went to the grocery store, and fuckin bought groceries. ho-lee...

of coarse i have no frying pans, silver ware, plates, or microwave, or toaster, or like silver ware, or anything. but i have a fridge and a stove. i just gotta gaffle the rest.

i think i should just rock out with the George Foreman Grill thing. that shizz is the dr. bombay. you could bring that shit to a hotel, and blaze it up.

speaking of shit-ball-hooker-hotel-hells like the first hotel my crew got in pheonix, place had no towels, blood stains on the walls, cigarette burns everywhere, homeless beggers in the hallways knocking on doors, and the front desk guy wears a loaded revolver around his waist, complete with his daft jokes, and cowboy hat.

red roof inn was way cooler, and even cheaper. i wanna stay at some place with a pool though. ya need that shit in the A to the Z.

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