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Wednesday, August 20, 2003


this was one of those old school gas stations where you just hand homie your credit card, and pump your shit, and homie charges it.

i guess i should warn the world right now... i ain't no planner...

all my plans go bust. i just sorta dive in and count on everything just working out. and usually, it just does.

so i wasn't worried when i had just pumped $30 buscks worth of gas, and had no credit left, and i just lost my ATM card in some Fry's Food and Drug in Goodyear, AZ.

not worried at all.

i called my credit card company and asked for a lil "emergency funds"... they said, "Mr. Disestablishmentarian.... ummm sir, we regretfully cannot do that at this time."


i still wasn't worried though. i knew if it came down to it... i could just bone the fuck out, peel some rubber, and escape.

i blame this whole story on arizona by the way. if i wasn't so overworked by the cops and city workers giving me shit about my signs i wouldn't have had the heat-induced-dementia quite quite so bad, and i wouldah NOT lost my ATM card, and thus NOT had to beg from my friends.

ORRRRR, i could blame my dad, because in the end, HE'S why i have shitty credit, and why my credit limit is so low it's a total joke, and why i don't have thousands of dollars worth of credit to max out at the mall and like... ikea i guess...

and just plain fuck it all. fuck banks, fuck credit issues, fuck cash... all that. i wanna only deal with gold.

i don't trust these coprorations or this country anymore.

i'm not serious, by the way. but i am sorta.

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