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Thursday, July 31, 2003

there i was, in santa monica...

the mission? sit and watch "Shrink Rap" the movie because our friend, la loca, was in it. her character got the-guy-obsessed-with-blowjobs's pubic hair caught in her tounge piercing. awesome. that pic is from later in the movie when that-bj-guy actually has vaginal sex. it was a funny assed movie.

then we ate sushi across the street with la loca. oh yeah, and la loca is like married to wee-man or something. now you know.

i'd write more for you blog-thirsty vultures out there... but i'm too busy fantasizing about some chocolate milk from the fridge. never let me know you have chocolate milk in your house, i will drink from the carton without shame. bank on it.

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