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Thursday, July 03, 2003

my cross country trip photo album

so i know the gods love me, it's true. they love me so much that this tree i park under like everyday... that NEVER has any birds in it... somehow gets a cool enough bird to magically appear... and hit the sweet spot.

great, thanks, perfect.

and the bird's shit was ONLY on my car's door handle, and yet... ALL over the handle. it's totally embarrassing too, cuz like... fuck man... it's like walking around with "fuckhead" written on my face... except it's driving, and has nothing to do with my face. ok it's not really embarrassing as much as it is annoying. or even maybe a sign. even if the sign is only telling me not to park under trees.

BAH! who gives a rats ass about my shitty luck anyways?

totally unrelated, and just as confusing:
i have no idea what this chick is talking about.
maybe cuz i don't speak icelandic.
but SHE linked me first, and she's hot. so what do i care?!
i just hope "pessi gaur er steik" isn't talking shit...
cuz if it is...
bring the ruckus blondie...
bring the fucking pain.

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