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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

i took 4 solid years of woodshop in highschool. i know a LOT about furniture, how to biuld it, take it apart, and move it and shit like that. there wasn't a day in highschool that passed that didn't include deafening table saws, wood glue on my hands and clothes, and saw dust everywhere.

whup-tee-doo, right?

SOOOOO... as a result, when it's time to move shit around, i'm the resident expert. i'm the one that has to do the dirty work, and i'm the one who turns into a sweaty pile of know-how. like when we just moved this heavy ass wooden bed from one house to the other. two beds actually, no wait... it was three beds. it was the first one that was wood though.

and having a truck doesn't help the me-not-moving-other-peoples-shit-thing any at all.

"oh but anti, YOU have a truck, how fabulous!"
ummmm yeah. fabu-fuckin-lous, just what i thought too.

maybe sometimes it IS better to just ride the bus...

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