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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

i drove for 19 hours straight. and my "bad" arm became my "useless" arm. i'm literally surviving off my mom's leftover painkillers and muscle relaxers... that and icey hot.

los angeles feels lonely. everyone's done good at moving on with their lives without me... but that suits me just fine. who needs 'em?

i need to shave, i have really bad BO, and i'm piss broke. so what else is new?

whitey got me high, and that was cool. my first time using a bong in WAY too long. i miss my old bong, it was a zong, with the spill-proof design. but i'm just happy to smoke any pot, any way i can.

raymi will be here soon too. as soon as i can fetch for her. this LA trip should be better for her this time, seeing as there will obviously be less police car rides for her. we're aiming for none ,time will tell

in the meantime i'm busy being a beard-farmer, getting my arm back to useable, and eating bowls of cocoa pebbles with my left hand. meh.

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