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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

here i am looking a lot like a guido. there's enough hair gel in that slicked back mess that if i got too close to any sorta lighter or lit match, i'd blow up canada. the glasses don't help the mafia jokes either. fuck it right?

i'm going back to LA. i just can't ignore job opps that are offering up to $800 bucks a day. and i'm piss broke right now anyways.

real estate appraisal... i've missed you my friend.

now that i've already driven the distance once, i know what i'm up against. nebraska and iowa are LIVING HELL to drive through... nebraska alone feels like an eternity, and well, i slept thru iowa last time (thanks whitey), but this time i might be as lucky. but the rest is fun as fuck. still...

it would be so much easier/faster to just fly home and have my truck shipped. but what who am i... Scrooge McDuck? if i had a money bin like he did, i'd be swimming in my gold right now not writing on my faggy little blog.

by the way, blogs ARE gay. most are anyways. i ony started mine to try and be funny, and getting feedback was kinda cool. but needing feedback? that's totally lame, how weak is one's ego for chrissakes? i find it hard to believe anyone truly reads this trifle-ass of a blog, and i could care less. the only good shit i write anymore is done with paper and pens anyways. fuck a blog.

now imma go an smoke

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