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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

whoopy cushions ARE funny.
buy one. use it on everyone at all times. it's the kinda gag that even survives axe grinding. it's most effective in stores and restaurants. classy.

being bored in the burbs, and carless... that can make you find all kinda ways to entertain yourself. like, "oh joy... let's go walk around and MAYBE some life will happen to us." although trouble, not life, usually finds us. but not really.

i've heard that it's un-typically cold. el neen-yo? suuuure...whatever they say. and i didn't steal your lighter. but who's using matches? BWAHAHAHA.... heh. ha. hmm. ok. composure gained.

really it's not that bad. it's gonna get warmish. soonish. the adventures? they're Innnnnn-say hay hayne.... yes, insane. but pronounced like one of those paki electronic store owner commercial things. like "crazy gideon" in downtown LA.

i wish i had my selection of american brand smokes available. marlboro reds, american spirits, lucky strikes, kamel reds, camel lights, parliments, newports, pal mals, and whatever the fuck you can't get here.

but here you can "shit" on the radio. literally.

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