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Thursday, May 22, 2003

the news stations here rule. they have these cool accent having motherfuckers, and you can't not laugh. there was this black dude who talked like the chef from southpark on last night. he even looked like isaac hayes. go t dot!

i need to see movies. lots of them. at sarah's house we watched dood where's my car... making it the millionth time i've seen it. shibby. but i'm talking about all the NEW movies out that i look ill. like the matrix of course. hulk. and other shit. i don't wanna see that jim carey one... the god one... but the commercials are kinda funny regardless.

i feel like going to the mall for good reason at all. maybe to harrass retards that werk there. eat in the food court. and take spy pictures of fatties buying designer goods.

i never know how hot or cold it is, cuz they use celcius. it's just always cold, that's all i really need to know anyways.

and the harder i try to get fatter... the skinnier i get. i eat junk. ONLY junk. like chocolate, burger king, gravy soaked fries, pepsi, pizza, and ice cream. now i'm down to the weight i had when i was 16 on my drivers license. a buck fiftey. and i'm 5'11".

at this rate i'll never live out my fantasy to be a famous sumo wrestler. damn, life's a bitch.

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