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Thursday, May 15, 2003

i miss taking bonghits. i love bonghits. i wish more places took mastercard... nobody does round here. cept for the varaiety store (yeah they don't call em quickie marts here) that has jack shit for selection. my purchase choices are smokes and/or jiuce. my ATM card is split in half due to trying to make it werk in shitty ATM machines. it worked sorta... even broken... for a tiny bit... in big ass atm machines, but now it's as useful as an old hotel key card. mastercard can suck my ass is the point. i hate no cash syndrome.

and another ting... how do they expect me to ride my bike in such shitty weather? isn't it almost june? is it eternally cold here? can more people give me shit about being american for no good reason? i hate my cunt of a ree. well ont the whole country, just the people in it. and not the people really, just the ones that suck. or the one's that work for mastercard and hawthorne savings.

i can't help the things that i do, or the fact that noone cares what i want. i wish i could but that's too bad for me. maybe i should surround myself with considerate people? i'm tired of everyone screaming in my ear about shit... i'm not deaf dammit... not yet. maybe soon.

and if or when i scream back it causes me to lose my smooth smokey singing voice. candian idol try outs? maybe. but i don't wanna crush some losers dreams by being too uber cool.

and chicks and PMS... well fuck man... need i say more on that? i grew up with three older sisters and if i don't watch my mouth i can end up knee deep in shit. or should i say knee deep in period blood? nahhhhh.... that's gross.

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