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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

hollywood hills born and raised. on my living room couch is where i spent most of my days. chillin out maxin relaxin all cool, watchin fresh prince outside of my school

it sucked growing up there man. my dad was a rich rich man. in this mansion on top of this steap as fuck hill. good for his and his car-having ass. but walking home from school was brutal. it was like a mile straight up. 90 degree angles and shit.

and when you ventured of that hill on a bike, you'd better bring your posse. hollywood is the ghetto afterall. not as bad as hyde park or inglewood. but you could get beat up and your bike stolen just as easy.

in third grade at cheramoya elementary school (just off of franklin ave), the only white dudes were me and bobby. but bobby was a pussy ass loser. so my friends were humberto and eduardo... mexican twins (that's actually thier old apartment building in the pic).

before that i went to a private school in the valley, campbell hall. but only for one year... kindergarten. my best friend from kindergarden accidently killed himself that summer between K and first grade. poor collin... i remeber playing with him on that same electric gate at his mom's apartnent complex that killed him. we were playing chicken, seeing who could hang on till the last minute while it automatically slid back into that slot on tha wall. he died brreaking his neck in that slot. he looked so pale in the coffin... i was like 6 or some shit

and there's more wierdness. in fourth and fifth grades i was the only boy. there were three others in my same grade, Alexa (the blonde i had a crush on), Rosie (the brunette who had a crush on me), and Amanda... (the boring one). but that school was really the victim of poor enrollment, AND taught me that my sisters knew cool not my peers, and they were punk rock, so therefore, punk is/was cool. they shaved my head bald, bought me Docs and a green flight jacket, told me my knew alias was "vex" because i was loud obnoxious, and disgusting, and BLERP!!!! i was the coolest poser in all Los Feliz Hills School. and their friends and their friends liberty spikes all thought so too.

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