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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

From : "r le minx" To : Subject : Re: i tried... Date : Fri, 17 Jan 2003 17:15:18 -0500 hmmm ok but those things i can only write like once a month or every other and i just babble stream of conscious i dont plan those either i cant do deadlines or any of that shit i know its going to be tough i know sometimes i dont get scared when my friend drives like a maniac the same feeling like when i am in an airplane and driking a vodka tonic with lemon after all the stress of getting on board i can accept and be ok with dying like whatever this is it its ok hmm -raymi


From : "r le minx" To : dan Date : Fri, 17 Jan 2003 17:03:57 -0500

and of course i know what a culture jammer is its what i am but too fucking cuntish to admit or to put a full effort into like i hate the gap and fully understand how they work and how banana republic is gap's rich parent for those with more disposable income while old navy is for fat americans with less dough still wanting to conform to be "hip" and i dig their marketing they're on it fully along with all the others i just dont put into thought things like, "oh i need pants. no wait, i need LEVI'S." thats about it. From : "r le minx" To : Subject : Re: blankgirl? Date : Fri, 17 Jan 2003 16:48:51 -0500 dont re email the pics it wipes out my account listen, don't critique a fucking 19 yr old girl who is FUCKED UP and does not try i dont take any picture seriously at all the elevator one was when i was on my way to this huge loft with a buddy to do a run i was scared and that picture was a pure fucking FLUKE all of them are u should see my reel of leftover shots yeh i may sort of pose but nothing NOTHING is pre-planned and blankgirl is through a convex mirror so you are looking at me backwards in a bar where i am fucking loaded and stoned and neurotic and alone and taking pictures cuz i am too introverted to talk to my people and their friends no more picture critiques you've made your point duly noted

the masses agree with me oh and i think i look fat and weird in blankgirl

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