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Thursday, May 29, 2003

bought a new face shaver thingy. it doubles as a pube mower. excellent, eh? i geuss beard hair is just pubes-for-the-face anyways. it's charging now. and i'm literally gonna scratch my face off if it doesn't charge fast enough.

everyone should go to toronto NOW! there's all these deals cuz of sars, and sars is a total joke. would you not travel to LA cuz you might get famous? it's almost the same odds of getting sars.

so some posers were graced with my presence, some homeless guy almost got the shit beaten out of him for asking me for change (and not even by me, thanks nice homeless-bully guy), we stayed in a nice and swanky hotel, ripped off street cars, stalked/spyed on city-slickers, AND public urination all happened during our "in the city" excursion.

tyranny was the inspiration when he's all, "why not go to the city?"... he knows it's hard to pretend to be a townie when you're a city slicker at heart.and it's pronounced "tier-anny" not tie-ranny, or as i misread it long time ago... tranny.

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