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Friday, March 07, 2003

"we have to have a talk with you..."

that's what my office manager said when i asked for more work. uh... what's a good synonym for cold-sweat-worthy-panic? i've seen it happen to other people, the two office managers and frank, the owner, all huddle up in his office with the current fuckup, and usually you don't see the fuckup ever again.

"don't worry, it's not that bad..."

that bad? she's killin me. i had to storm outta there and suck down a smoke, and prepare to face the music. i knew they weren't gonna can me, but i was scared. and what if during this meeting it becomes too obvious that i'm on drugs?! deep breaths, deep breaths.

on a side note... that's my alley/cigarette recepticle

ok... so what was this fancy meeting-designed-to-make-me-shit-bricks all about??? they just wanted me to turn in my files faster. 3-5 day turn around. it was so lame. they spent about ten minutes repeating the same thing over and over. and i kept saying, "no problemo"... it made me very uncomfortable. i kept thinking, "what part of 'no problemo' don't they understando?". it also appeared that they think i might be partying to much. they said shit like, "maybe you shouldn't go out all night long when you have files to type up", those comments annoyed the fuck outta me.

there is a bright side to the story, my boss said he thinks i'm in the top 3 of talented appraisers he's got. i think, "talent up the wahzoo" is what he actually said. and i USED to be a top performer there, that's partly why they did the meeting... to kick me in the ass sorta. help me find my fire again. so whatever.

they should have just told me. they're such drama queens

i used to have a guitar exactly like this one, except mine was dark blue.

a B.C. Rich "bich", N.J. Series, with the cool old headstock, 24 fretts, a floyd rose wammy bar, nice and low action, and some kinda fancy humbuckers that i forget the name of.

my bich made all the heshers drool.

i'm so pissed that i sold it for $200 bucks, just so i could make rent one month, a few years back.

i wanna get another B.C. Rich... but this time i'm not gonna get a bich, i wanna bust the Warlock.

who am i kidding? i ain't gonna do shit.

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