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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

that tankinator is on her way over so she can be my big date for costco. i have this thing lately where i can't do chores alone. i owe her presence and slave-driver way for my apartment being cleaned last night. the tankinator wants to have a Dom-off with the Blonde Gurllll.... would be an intresting battle...

the war woke me up today. i woke up at 6am sitting upright on my couch with everything i own turned on, and a war in my face. i popped in a James bond DVD... the spy who loved me... much better.

here's an email from rosina
went to amsterdam a week ago and stayed in the apartment of a friend of a friend smack dab in the middle of the red light district. had the most fun eating shrooms and watching the neighbors... ahhh, crack heads and whores... gotta love em. we walked around the "nice part" the next day and i actually started to miss them. when you´re in a decent place high as hell, you start to feel like a weirdo, but being surrounded by weirdos makes it like you got a pretty good head on your shoulders, know what i mean? normal by disassociation. well, anyway, i brought some (shrooms, not crackheadsn´hos) back with me to sevilla so the fun-filled battle with sanity could continue. speakin of.... this past weekend went to carnival in cadiz (town 2 hour bus ride from me). no money for excessive luxury (ie. place to stay) so we got a round trip ticket that took us there sat evening and returned 6am the next day. hoards of people dressed up like halloween drinking, partying, peeing and puking in the streets. went with 6 people and lost them all. met new ones though and we all managed to find our way back to the bus station in one piece by mornin. good time had by all. *Rosina

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