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Thursday, March 27, 2003

right now i'm hovering over three piles of clothing. whites, darks, and clean enough to not really HAVE to wash...

i found some cool ass shirts that i forgot about... i'm uber-stoked. and whoa shit... i figured out that i can stop hating that one guy, cuz it turns out my Stone Cold Steve Austin lighter was just in some jeans... sweet...

wrestling is so dumb, it's scrotum.
but stone cold flips ppl off all the time supposedly... so i bought his lighter...

"my style is impetuous, my defense is impreggnable, and i'm just ferocious, i want your heart, i'm gonna eat his children..." mike tyson

the elevators at the courthouse by the 105 and LAX are so fast. maybe it was the fragile stomach i've been rocking lately, but man i thought it was gonna be a projectile-vomitting-nightingmare. if there wasn't a sherrif in there with me and that decrepid old hag, i mightah letter roll... but shit i don't need no sherrif getting all barf-coated-pissed-style on me. sheezuss

and my bank is the coolest ever. hawthorne saving man... they pay you $20 to start a free account, and they always have free popcorn and coffee, and ONCE i even gotta hotdog.

i hardly even hold a grudge about getting robbed out front of one of their branches.

i mean, FREE popcorn...

but they are kinda sleaze-ball-ola, i mean my ATM card doesn't even have my name on it...

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