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Monday, March 17, 2003

just got back from pheonix where i had a sign job.

weekend from hell.

i got so ferociously hungover from friday night's partying that i was literally puking out the rental truck as i disperssed the halfway-house-junkies out to their street corners to hold their signwalking sticks. the sign walkers thought it was pretty fuckin funny. har dee fuckin har har

then it was raining all fucking crazy on sunday so the sober-living-asstard-rejects decided they didn't want to work. this job is a rain or shine kinda gig... so they fucked us pretty good. we had to hire these tweeker heavy metal looking motherfuckers. we named them their cretins. they hang out ALLLLLLLLLLL day in some transit-ish bus-stop looking thing there at the metro center off the 17 and peora. like all day everyday. props to cheech and rain for being the tweekiest, therefore making a huge scene, therefore being rad signwalkers. getting ppl's attention is key. (rain is also rad cuz he just rocked a t-shirt, and ignored the fact that we gave everyone a poncho for the storm, and it was raining bad... maybe that's how he got his wierdo cretin nickname. or maybe tweekers are fucking mental)

and lastly, my hands are brutally cut up and rendered useless. it hurts like a bitch when i try and make a fist... so my lucky ass "got" to drive the F250 home. and the viking doesn't let me smoke cigarettes in his ride... so it was shitty. now it's 3:Whatever AM... i'm dead tired, still a little sick, and my apartment was a total shithole when i arrived.

god i love LA.

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