Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

i'm rockin the showmeyourtits beads. i mean.... they worked in pheonix. thank the gods for that drive-thru liquer store right by the Red Lion Hotel off Cactus and the 17...

so i'm just gonna quote whitey for this post, since he's babbling over my shoulder anyways... "i'm gonna speak english, english...."
"i speak american english"
"your bong is the only one that screams like that"
"two shots two bonghits and anti is on his way..."
"what are you so anti about anyways?"
"you know that's what kieth richards did... he would just party and record at night. or party, or record. whatever he did. and i realized that... how much great shit has come to everybody late at night... you know what i mean?..."
"see you're getting off the guard because i told you about the accapella"
"see no fuck this.. you're quoting at too many random times..."
"rip the lid off id"
"what i'm saying is... you can tell i'm just on the spot... my ears are red already"

"see what's cool is that you don't have to have the bad parts of the relationship when you look a chick in the eye"
"see my problem is, ayyy, hoowee... shit i'm drinkin.."

now some "farmers market of the beast"
like an ape with a cape, i'm like... some type of super futuristic primate, from the planet of the hairless apes, bloggers are going apeshit, silly, willy wonkers, totally bonkers, bananas, hana barbara, blundar. the bar-barrrrian, bursting out the sanitarium, collecting money for the man, playing the accordian, aquarium of sea monkeys, who, monkey see, monkey do you, see what see what i do, he's clue-less..., bloggers are giving me goosebumps, pucker up, buttercup, for the plunger suction cup, sucker puching is for punk sucker chumps, i'm a lamp chimp champion in the fast food experiment, like jimi hendrix, you need to get experienced, but what's all of this, monkey... business-men, at every pill party, i find, 12 monkeys on my back attacking with the monkey wrench, henchemne wenchin, sacrificing goats, on the altar, vultures, swarming with parts and napkins, this looks like a job for captian, caveman, with the man sized tale, of the gold monkey, man what will it be, do you wanna make a monkey outta me?, monkey see... no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, but people say we monkey around, monkey shine, shock the monky, spank your monkey, go ahead have a barrel of monkeys, everyone's got something to hide, except for me and my monkey, a monkey is my uncle, it's my distant cousin, kissin a martian, darwin, ancient alien lifeform, word is born, step up and get reborn, transform into a budhist monkey, avenue monk, cousins from another country are starvin, there servin monky brains, as a delicacy, drinking brass monky, drunkin flippen, broken cookies crumble-lin, concrete jungle jim... morrison, rumble in the bronx, barroom barnyard brawl, i was a teennage neanderthal, all over wild styles, man child, man cub, like tarzans loyal companion, i ain't the man or the chief, bloggers are the king of the beast, beneath the surface, mosquitos feast on the deceased blood of the earth mother, rest in peace, soul provider, easy rider, iraq's, on the backs of the world's largest taradactle, black gold, fools gold, going going going gone sold, we got the right to know, we got the right to grow, 7 ft long dear, if we want to die for a dead dino-saur.... SUCKER

new ppl on the cast

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