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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

if loopyness was a sport in the olympics.... i'd be a gold medalist.

i'm supposed to show everyone at Global Headquarters that i'm still the shiz-nit by totally killing it with this one lonely job they gave me. deadline? yesterday. current status? haven't done sheeit.

and the appointment was disaster-central. i woke up that morning at 10:30 and nearly shat myself when i finally remembered that i had a 10-o-clock. the guy was cool about it when i called, maybe cuz i lied my ass off about why i didn't show. new appointment set for exactly 30min away (meaning "be there at 11:15"). but East LA... ALSO is exactly 30min away. so what if i'm 5 minutes late? right?

well, at 11:15... i started to get flooded with that sinking feeling again, cuz i was stuck on the 710 in gridlock. straight up parking lot disgusting-ness. some retardo-maximo accident took it down to one lane, and every wannabe-green-card-having motherfucker decides they need to slow all stupid-like and LOOK.

THEN i miss my exit because they changed the street name. and i can't tell until i get to the end of the 710. fuck you pasadena!

so finally i'm close enough to taste it... i'm on the subject property's street.... all i need to do is cross whittier boulevard and i'm there....

that's right about when i hit the anti-war-whatever parade.

i nearly had a caniption fit. but then i made it, the end.

this weekend = pheonix, arizona trip with the viking. hell will be raised

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