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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

i bet my bus blog shirt design is cooler than one you can think of. pssh.chumps.

and FUCK MAN, why does everyone come to me with their petty little mundane questions. most of of the time when they ask me something, i don't even look at them, i sorta just say to them the appropiate answer, and ignore them if they ask again. or i put on my head phones and when they tap me on the shoulder, yes they actually tap me on the shoulder, i point to the sky, as if to say, "one sec" and then ignore them until they go away. i'm living in this world of do what feels good, live by the seat of my pants and all that jazz. i kinda plan on dieing sooner than later, not like in a suicidal way -- more like an intuition, so i wanna get the most out of life RIGHT NOW. i want to see and do everything, or at least go to sleep knowing i had a dope ass day... even if it was shitty. life is what i make of it, and i like it when i have the smarts to just chill back, take a deep breath and look at the clouds, roll down my car window, and smoke a cigarette while i sing along to all my favorite CDs. shit man... things could be worse. they weren't worse when i had a girlfriend. i think i was more dependable. i kinda wish i could have her back just for the stability. but she was not for me. boring. not sexually proned, like i am. most days the first thing i do is jack off. i don't even think she jacks off ever. but the fucked up part is i'm a hot commodity and i know it. i'm hot. i'm employed (a cool sounding job might i add), i live alone and in a ritzy part of town, i'm funny, i'm smart, i'm just retarded. girlfriends are too mcuh for me right now. i'm just not good at pretending to care what they're talking about anymore. how did i used to do it, because now the pained look on my face usually makes them shutup and hate me forever. but oh well... at least they shutup. and what's the the matter with all my male friends?! they're all cut. all except whitey. and his retarded ass has a broken ankle. they're all too problematic, and tacky, and really are just highschoolleftovers that i'll still be polite to, but never call or make plans with. most of them live at home with mommy, or are have no real job, or look stupid, or are stupid. did i evolve or just develop a huge fucking ego? who cares?ok enough again... (ps... i was in the middle of a gross binge when i wrote this originally; this was the end... most of the rest of it is unreadable)

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