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Saturday, February 01, 2003

this bar in hermosa is closing it's doors. tonights the last night. me and the staff are gonna trash the place. this dude might go too.

sometimes i hate peoples dogs. usually on home inspections is when i hate them the most. "oh my dog's nice..." right. sure. i beleive you. but if you don't lock that doberman up in some cage, i'm leaveing. jebus christ! and i have to measure these biuldings, so i step in dog shit way to often for a normal human being. and if that happens, trust me, you wanna keep it a secret. one time a homeowner was all, "i'll wash that for you" and she fuckin ran water straight up inside my shoe. thanks. nice.

but i DO love my job. it's like i'm constantly taking grand tours of the beutiful county of los angeles. see, in the right spot... even san pedro is slightly not an eyesore. i took me and my dogshit smeared shoe up there for an after work joint, with a view. then i felt slightly less irritated.

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