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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

semi trucks. big rigs. 18-wheelers. i hate them by any name.

frequently i have to make trips back and forth from Long Beach to San Pedro. i used to not care... but these bridges are grinding me down like some kinda giant pepper mill. if you have to pee, you might as well piss yourself or pray for an empty coke bottle in your car. the fuckin thing is only two lanes (i hate things that are only two lanes!!!) and the truckers are making you as upset as this guy.

if you're smart, and/or not me, you do have in your car:
-good music
-food or drink
-windshield wiper fluid
and enough time to drive the speed limit

i was going to add porno mags to the list... but i think i do have a few in there somewhere.

the only advice i can offer to people who drive all day like me, is to play road games. fuck with people. if you're busy making other people go mental with rage, you won't notice how pissed YOU should be. lately a favorite game of mine is called the "tea party". you just drive the same exact speed as someone who needs to change into your lane. they'll speed up to go in front. they'll slow down merge behind. but they won't be making any lane changes today.... OR making that exit...
because their feverishly-honking, middle-finger-flipping, no-green-card-having, dumbass is my entertainment. and that's tough shit for them

just make sure it isn't some crazy fucker who will hunt you down and kill you. now go try it and tell me how great it works.

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