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Saturday, February 08, 2003


part 1 "nobody ever listens to me. and they fucking should."

i say, "universal city walk is the lamest place i've ever been" but they all go there anyways. i sorta feel like whitey and i got kidnapped, because we were begging to be let out so we could walk home. no dice.

and was i right? was i right?!...

you can bet your fuckin ass i was right. it was some sort of wierd deuling piano guys, battling it out with showtunes, the drinks there were weak, and i'll never let someone drive me, or be without my car, again.

"can you say, uhhhh..... fun?"

part 2, "on the way home"

so halfway home from the city walk, everyone turns genius on me, and says, "let's turn back and hit up that club that goes till 4 in the morning!" even though i tried everything in the book, including bribery and blackmail, to get them to just keep on driving home.

so when the driver gets pulled over and initiated into the DUI club, do i wanna say, "told you so, fag breath"? hell fucking yeah.

hmmm, maybe i'm not talking just to hear the sound of my own voice. and holy shit, this'll make your fucking head spin: when i tell you something, listen to it.

because i'm right.

2:36am Sunday
please leave raymi's boring email account alone, whoever you are. that's like ten miles past being a pain in the ass. man c'mon... how evil can you be?

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