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Tuesday, February 18, 2003


i never rock a soft pack.

why is eating so hard to remember to do?

and if another ATM machine tells me it can't read my atm card i'm going to totally freak out. wanna watch me? it's usually very entertaining... or so i've been told.

and it feels like i just got my laundry done... but i guess that was early january... i only remember because i paid somebody to do it for me. that's how retardedly unmotivated i am sometimes. but hey!! i still have clean towels. lotsa times i just use the same towel over and over again, because it's like, fuck man... i'm CLEAN when i use it, right?

i waste money by paying for every meal, and then try and save money by not eating. brilliant!

grocery stores are for beer, condoms, and... uh... those coin counting machines they have in the front. i go mental counting coins. i'd rather grocery shop at 7-11 anyways. at least 7-11 has slurppees.

i wish more things in life were drive-thru. like a drive-thru clothing store, or drive thru hair cuts. i'd get so much more done.

and how the fuck did all these promotional companies get my private fax number? do they think paper and toner fucking grow on trees? paper sorta does, in a way, i guess.... but still...

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