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Thursday, February 06, 2003

i don't know if i'm just too used to being shit on, but it's really hard for me to accept compliments, presents, or whatever. when someone does something nice for me, it just makes me feel uncomfortable, and a little guilty. sucks, huh?

if jack in the box wasn't open 24 hours, they'd be so out of business already. their food sucks, especially their "philly" cheese steak. they're not fooling anyone.

one thing that keeps me from quitting smoking is the fact it gives me something to do if i'm ever waiting, or an excuse as to why i need yet another break.

"ok, while you do that, i'll have a smoke outside"

when i was in highschool, i learned to chain smoke, because at El Porto Market employees are allowed to take as long a break as it takes to smoke. so why only smoke one, right? and i felt like because it was this SAME market that sold me cigerettes when i was 13, it was payback. karma's a bitch...
"re-stock this! you zipper-heads!"

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