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Thursday, February 13, 2003

fuck man, there i was in compton driving around taking pictures of peoples houses for my job, and with out warning... i had to piss like a fucking race horse. like, "ZAP! ...bladder full..."

normally this is where i'd pull over and piss on the side of the road, but compton is one of those cities that's just overrun by little bratty shits getting retarded all over the place. i get the feeling it's trendy in compton to never be inside your house.

so anyways, there's really no time to find a Popeye's Chicken, or a Church's Drive-Thru that might have a place to piss, i'll have pissed myself by then, so i gotta improvise. i KNEW my collection of half dranken McDonald's cups would come in handy. Sometimes i'm so thankful imma pig.

i bust into some random parking lot, dump the old-as-fuck soda out the window, throw my seat back, whip out my thing-thang, and filled that cup up. thank god i always super size my shit... i would have been fucked with a smaller cup.

also, in case somone reads this and trys it, i have to warn you that you have to OPEN your car door and GENTLEY set that cup down on the ground. so far you managed to keep you pants and car piss free, why fuck it up now?

can't i just install a bigger bladder? having to pee is really starting to get on my nerves.

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