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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003


either they are holding me hostage at work so that i can deliver the "rush" file that the client needs. because once they sent this other chick from my office who pissed off the clients so bad that to this day people ask, "is she fired yet?" so i have to wait and wait, because they can only trust someone as charming as me, so i smoke a million cigarettes, and bother Amy#3.

then.... when i actually DO have shit to do, people stand over me while i work, with nasty coffee breath, TAPPING my shoulder, asking me trivial questions that i don't have time for, when it's obvious i'm busy AND have headphones on, and make me be a dick to them. it's THEIR fault. especially when they're fucking foriegners with intense accents that bug the shit out of me. i'm the nicest dude normally. it's true. i swear.

there... dreddy officially cannot run for president

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