Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, February 21, 2003

damn those crafty homless dreggs to hell!! they pulled one over on me, and tomorrow they're gonna meet the adolf hitler version of anti, and i'm gonna find JOY in making their weekend a nightmare. they already made it one for me. now all i want to do is get so drunk i piss myself... i already got me a bottle of crown royal. it's canadian, just like raymi shraymi. i'm drenched with impatience for her to hurry up and visit...

i can't find my fucking SHOT GLASS!!! oh well, full throttle to the bottle...

East LA, here i come.

i'll be doing this "advertising" gig there all weekend. drive by and flip me off, if you're in the area. i'll be the shmuck hammering car sale signs into the grass while my car sits running and blocking your lane. i stop hearing honking after weekends like this. you become oblivious.

oh and i "get" to monitor the homeless people i hire as sign walkers. take a wild guess on whether or not they're a pain in the ass? g'head, g'head. i'd get my friends to do it, but they're even bigger bitches.

but i haven't even gotten to the best part... this whole thing, it's illegal. so if i'm seen by a cop hammering a sign, or throwing it up on a freeway off ramp, he's gonna pop me. and that's so annoying.

so why do it? because it pays a butt load of cash.

East fucking LA, here i fucking come.

i hate you.

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