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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

about a million times aday i go through this ritual where i FREAK out because i can't find my cigarettes. i check my pockets. i pace back and forth acrossmy shitty little apartment. they aren't on the desk. there's just a mcdonald's cup and my keys and my wallet on the kitchen counter. the smokes aren't over by the door. FUCK!

and oh, great. it's raining here tonight for some godforsaken reason, and all my half smoked cigarettes in the ashtray outside are fucked.

i start to tense up... i think to my cars ashtray... see if i can remember a long'un being in there...

just then it hit's me. i go to my other pants, check the pcokets... and ahhh... YES! YES! my precious camel lights. shit. i would have taken virginia slim 120's at that point.

cheers to stupid habbits that make me stand in the rain!

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