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Friday, January 24, 2003


what can be stupider than leaving a long ass stupid song on your out-going voicemail message? nothing. i mean, i don't have ALLL day, i just wanna say, "call me back, fucker" and i have to sit through this SONG that i don't like, and am extremely irritated with.

or if i'm atta bar alone, or something, i'll text message people i know who have cell phones(trying to look busy)... but then the problem is that they don't how the fuck text messaging works, so they don't ever read what i sent them.

there's tacky-talkers too. you know... people who talk like they're trying to drown out the sound of a jack-hammer, and who talk like that in the restaurant, at your table, even though you're giving them dirty looks. go outside asstard, learn some manners. people even do this in the movie theater... fuckin turn that shit off!!! yet another reason why i don't see movies.

then there's the people who never answer their cell phone. "oh i keep it set to silent in my purse, in a drawer, in a desk, blah blah blah", or "i leave that thing in my car".. What the Fuck ?! i need to ask your dumbass something right now.

why can't everyone be as perfect as i am?

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