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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

wanna hear another episode of "why your dad is better than my dad?" of course... who wouldn't? this story is from a million years ago, i just remembered it RIGHT NOW for some random reason...

so i get this kitten when i was a kid. he came pre-named meep, because that was the sound he made when he tried to meow. he was kickass. smart as fuck. and totally hated. all the neighbors complained that my cat was fucking their cats, and beating up their dogs. the little shit made me proud. and he seemed to hate all the same people i hated. he once peed all over my dad's bed while some whore my dad was married to at the time was sleeping in it (wife #4 or #5... who can keep up?). talk about your kodak moments! damn! i'm talkin PUDDLES of piss, maybe even some poo

but unfortunately, after not long at all... i was too busy putting a towel under my door to hide pot smoke than to aknowledge meep's existence. i stopped feeding him, and threw away his litter box, because the way i saw it, "he didn't use that shit anyways...". he would kill his own food, take shits where ever he pleased, and fuck you if you were a hot feline slut.

my dad begged me to find another home for the cat. he said, "anti, meep has got to go..." and i'd convince him why he was wrong everytime. but then one day, he mentioned that this family in Palos Verdes was really nice, and they heard all about meep, and wanted him for their kids to play with. i somehow felt selfish keeping my cool-as-fuck cat that i had outgrown from a loving family that would give him attention. looking back, i don't know how on earth i trusted this scoundrel of a man, Anti Senior.

he took my cat, and had it killed.

the only reason i know is because dickface told my sister the whole story. thanks, asshole... that's JUST what dad's are for...

yah i know. other dad's suck worse than my cancer of a dad. but who cares?

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