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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

smoking pot is starting to not be as fun as it used to be. i've been smoking pot almost everyday since i was 14yrs old, cigarettes too. that's nine years of fucking torture to my lungs. it's gotten so bad lately that sometimes i'm affraid to hit the bong, because i know that a ferocious coughing fit will follow.

everything else about it is fine. i like being ripped, the actual proccess of bong hitting/joint rolling is fun, and it's such a mild high you can do almost anything you'd normally be able to do.

people have described me as a pot smoker who drinks, rather than a drinker who smokes pot. that usually makes me say, "ummmmmm kay...?" because like, what does that mean?

that's me in flow blown coughing session.

can't "they" hurry up this whole cloning thing so i can clone myself a fresh set of lungs? i'm kinda in a rush over here...

and i finally straightened up my apartment, finally, and i even got somebody to agree to do my laundry, but i have to pay them. but it's better that way because i am laundry-tarded. i mess something up royally everytime. it's like i don't trust myself anymore...

oh shit my rides here bye.

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