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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

oh... just so everyone can feel better. in the end my dad lost all his money, his company, his friends, and his family. you can't just murder your child's pet and think the gods will be all, "no prob, bob" whatta shitbag.

this weekend the viking is gonna put me in charge of homeless people sign walkers, and have me stalk all of huntington beach with signs for this car event thing. wich is good, because i have been doing SHIT for work at my real job. i keep showing up late, doing nothing, and then hanging around long enough to get a free lunch. but for some reason bossman said today he thinks i do good work. who has HE been talking to?

so guess what this is?! yes it's true, anti eats lunch with co-workers. (if they're buying!!)
my only complaint... my office needs to hire more drinkers so i don't feel like a loser for being the only one going full throttle to the bottle.

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