Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, January 20, 2003


my weekend was pill-filled, and gross, mostly.
other than that work got done, and 3:30am here i am cracking open the last tecate... i was saving it as a reward for myself. bong hits will commence soon too...
i didn't really finish all my work, but i finished it enough to impress La Oficina.

and ok, i'm having more tire issues. my other rear tire (the left one) has a slow air leak, and when i'm on my way to fill it up at the gas station, i can see in my side mirrors people leaping out of their cars at red lights to come and tell me all about it.
i have to lean out my window, and cut off their do-gooder-ness with, "i know, i KNOW"

why can't all the good semarritans be around
when i have only one item at the grocery store?
and am forced to wait behind this old lady
who's cart is piled so high it looks like the Himalayas....?

fuck me. she just broke out the coupons....
and she's paying by check???
oh god kill me.

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